Save Oven Space with Slow-Cooker Dressing

November 14, 2012 | By | Comments (1)
Slow-Cooker Cornbread Dressing

Slow-Cooker Cornbread Dressing Recipe; Photo by Beth Dreiling Hontzas

It simply wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without this iconic gravy carrier, which is even better when it can be made in your trusty slow-cooker. You can bake, crumble, and freeze the cornbread up to 1 month ahead of time, but who are we kidding this late in the game – 1 week will do as well.

Try the Classic Cornbread recipe from our November issue, it’ll yield about 6 1/2 cups crumbled cornbread later. Make it tonight for a jump-start on Turkey Day, crumble after it cools, stuff it all into a ziptop bag, and throw in the freezer. Then, thaw it completely the night before Thanksgiving and begin working on the mouth-watering slow-cooker recipe.

For more tips and tricks to get you ready for the big feast, check out our two-week cooking timetable. And if you’re still scrambling to find the right recipes, we’ve got you covered with the 70 Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes this side of the Mason-Dixon line.


  1. Rick Burgei

    I may live in the North but I LOVE southern cooking and everytime I see your pictures I really wish I had the recipes. I miss all of the great food. Keep up the great work. Thank you Rick Burgei

    November 14, 2012 at 3:40 pm

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