Julliard Goes South: The Must-Attend Winter Festival

March 8, 2013 | By | Comments (1)

Julliard Musicians Perform In Aiken/Photo Courtesy of Brent Cline

Suffering the winter doldrums? Then you might want to make like the Vanderbilt family and head to Aiken, South Carolina.

Starting Friday March 9 and continuing through March 15, patrons of the arts from across the country will gather at sites like the Willcox Hotel and Joye Cottage for the 2013 Julliard in Aiken Festival. This series of chamber concerts, master classes, community outreach, and premier performances allows locals a chance to show off their Southern hospitality, while enjoying emerging talents.

Aiken has a long history of serving as the “Winter Colony” for sun-seeking New Yorkers. In 1996, to revive the tradition, Aiken residents Gregory White Smith and Steven Naifeh gave the gift of Joye (well, Joye Cottage, that is) and donated their Winter Colony mansion to New York’s most esteemed music conservatory.  In 2009, Julliard joined with Aiken to create this one-of-a-kind event. Now, Juilliard students and faculty perform at Joye Cottage (among other Aiken locations) throughout the festival.

Among the recitals not-to-miss:

For drama fans: Drama Division Performance, March 12, as Juilliard’s Playwright Program presents a collection of scenes and songs from famous Shakespearean comedies and dramas. URS Center for the Performing Arts, 2 p.m.; $25.

For an evening of rhythm and blues: join the Juilliard Jazz Artist Diploma Ensemble present an evening of rhythm and blues, on March 15.

The Willcox Hotel, 9 p.m., free. 

On a final note: close out the week with a bang, and witness featured artists like Anderson & Roe, The Jazz Artist Ensemble, and Yang Dugan Piano Duo in The Fifth Year Anniversary Celebration Concert on March 15.

USCA Etherredge Center, 8 p.m.; prices range from $25-$40.

For ticket information and details, visit juilliardinaiken.com.

Wilcox/Photo Courtesy of

The Wilcox Hotel/Photo Courtesy of Brent Cline


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