Etsy Shop of the Month: Project Type

March 22, 2013 | By | Comments (2)


Each month Dixie Chic is scouring the storefronts for our favorite Southern artisans. From textiles to typography and everything in between, discovering truly unique Southern pieces has never been this easy—or this fun!

The Shop:
Started in February 2012, Project Type is a collection of prints showcasing Texas-based Miranda Lyn’s unique take on art design and typography.

“I wanted my experience to be like one long project where I was teaching myself about lettering and growing and getting better, so that’s how Project Type was born. I realized that with Etsy I could design the things I wanted to design, not just the things that I thought would sell well,” Miranda says. (With over 1000 sales in its inaugural year, it seems Etsy shoppers appreciate Miranda’s taste.)

Her Style (and Why We Love It):
Retro, fun, and warm. Miranda’s prints feature quotes that range from inspirational to witty and designs that are both bold and classic, making them perfect for any room that needs a bit of character.

Gotcha Print 
Drawing Inspiration:
“Honestly I find it everywhere. Whether it’s a great business logo, a billboard, or a beautiful scarf I see in a store. We live in such a visual world and sites like Pinterest are fueling great design, whether it’s interior, fashion, graphic, or even industrial/product design. Quick access to all this great work makes it pretty easy to get inspired. When I’m not feeling particularly creative I just look at other designer’s portfolio websites and that always inspired and humbles me.”

cameraprint300crop Etsy Shop of the Month: Project Type

Southern Influence:
“Southern ideals influence my work more than anything else. I chose quotes that inspire me to work harder, stay positive, and to love more. I feel like there’s a big trend right now to be snarky in an effort to be funny and that’s just not my style. I want to create work that anyone could hang in their living room or kitchen and that contributes to the ‘homey’ feeling Southern homes are known for.”

ProjectType Typography Prints

Texas To-Do List:
“One of my favorite places to take people is Gruene, because it’s got such a great Texas charm and is home to the oldest dance hall in Texas. Weather permitting, tubing the Guadalupe, Comal, or San Marcos rivers is a fun way to relax, and I’m smack in between Austin and San Antonio, so it’s always fun to take people to Commerce Street in Austin and the Riverwalk in San Antonio.”

Check out Project Type’s storefront:


  1. christoforokondoleon

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    March 24, 2013 at 4:23 am
  2. Lindsey E Archer

    Love this work! Anything w/typography is great 🙂

    March 23, 2013 at 6:46 pm

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