5 Wedding Invitation Trends We Love

April 25, 2013 | By | Comments (4)

Going to the chapel? Before you don something blue or narrow down cake flavors, don’t overlook the importance of a chic invitation suite. We’ve called on Birmingham-based paper extraordinaire, Allison Banks to keep you up-to-date on the South’s most stylish wedding invitation trends.


1. Go for Grey

“Gone is the heavily scripted, black calligraphy look that many Southern traditionalists prefer. I recommend my brides opt for a soft shade of grey over the harsher black. It’s a trendy color, and I think it’s something they will look back on twenty years from now without regret.”


2. Tip-Top Shape

“Southern brides are starting to think outside of the box—literally. Rounded edges, circle cuts, and silhouette outlines on the invitation are huge right now. These are a great variation from the rectangular look because they bring some personality to the piece without going overboard.”


3. Two Not Three

“Convention states that before the ceremony, a bride shouldn’t use her new last name –even in a monogram design. People often ignore this, but customized two-letter monograms (using the bride and groom’s first names only) are making a comeback this year. It’s exciting to see couples wanting to create their own spinoff on this old Southern tradition.”   


4. Budget Friendly Alternatives

“Handwritten and letterpress invitations are still very popular, but brides in a budget crunch are choosing to flat print. Also called offset printing, this will save money without forfeiting the hand drawn look”


5. Play Dress Up

“From patterned liners to custom mail stamps, there are endless ways to dress up an envelope and make it completely unique. A darker colored envelope (navy in particular) is a trendy option, especially for the bride who wants to keep her invitation primarily traditional.”

Invitation Etiquette Tip: Make sure the invitation reads “pleasure of your company” if the ceremony is at a non-holy venue and “honor of your presence” if a holy one.

To see more of Allison’s work, visit her website, allisonrbanksdesigns.com.


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  4. Melissa Haskin

    These are so cute!

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