Steeplechase Style

The Derby is over but horse racing season isn’t. As we prepare for this weekend’s Iroquois Steeplechase in Nashville, here’s a look back on styles spotted at the Atlanta Steeplechase last month:

Held at Kingston Downs, the Atlanta Steeplechase benefitted the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Compared to other horse races such as the Kentucky Derby last weekend and Nashville’s Iroquois Steeplechase this weekend, the Atlanta races have a more casual feel. The event is laid back, which we love. Flats, sandals, and pants are acceptable over heels and sundresses.

The men do their part to add to the casual style of the festivities with shorts and polos, but quite a few gentleman truly peacock in bow ties and full seersucker suits. These looks are to be expected, but what we really look for are the men doing a bit more. 

Case in point, our friend Nick Barnes, one of the men behind bow tie company Brier & Moss. There are tons of men in colorful pants and blazers, but we love the way Nick added some flair with a skull-and-crossbones bow tie.


Photo by Caroline Fontenot

Name: Nick Barnes
Lives in: Nashville, Tennessee
Favorite thing about the Atlanta Steeplechase: The sea of bow ties. Hardly a long tie in sight, the bow tie is as much an icon of horse races as a mint julep.

As we wondered around some more, my husband leaned over and whispered, “that guy looks awesome!” In our opinion, this is how you stand out at Steeplechase! Color, color and more color, topped off with a bit of bravery.


Photo by Caroline Fontenot

Name: Ray Vaughn
Lives in: Atlanta, Georgia
Favorite thing about the Atlanta Steeplechase: The great fashion, Southern flair and overall Southern hospitality.

During the final race we spotted this couple. His pants and boots caught our eye first, and we love the way his denim shirt contrasted with her white dress (with a splash of color) and hat. They looked great next to each other.

Photo by Caroline Fontanet

Photo by Caroline Fontenot

Name(s): Agnieszka Mykieta and Reginald Walker.
Lives in: New York City (her), Atlanta (him).
Favorite thing about the Atlanta Steeplechase: 
Her: Having cocktails in the warm Georgia sun and mingling with the creme de la creme of Atlanta society.
Him: T
he fashion. The men and women pull out their best seersucker and pastel colors for the Spring event. It’s our version of the Kentucky Derby.



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