For the Patriot Cook: The Monticello Cook Book

community cookbook

the monticello cookbook For the Patriot Cook: The Monticello Cook BookToday’s Community Cookbook: The Monticello Cook Book (Copyright 1950 by The University of Virginia Hospital Circle; Printed by The Dietz Press, Inc., Richmond, VA)

In 1950, The Monticello Cook Book began as a fundraiser for the University of Virginia Hospital. Throughout the book you’ll find a bit of history about Thomas Jefferson’s love of French cuisine along with a mix of regional recipes submitted by the Ladies of the city of Charlottesville and the County of Albemarle. One might even imagine some of these old family recipes being served at our third president’s Monticello table. You’ll also find a fun chapter at the end, called Household Hints, that offers clever tips—who knew that dry mustard removes fish odor from pans or that putting soap under your fingernails before gardening keeps the dirt away?

Don’t forget to send us a photo of your favorite community cookbook for a chance to win a collection of vintage cookbooks!


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