Out of the Skillet: Old Southern Recipes

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community cookbookout of the skillet Out of the Skillet: Old Southern Recipes

Today’s Community Cookbook: Out of the Skillet: Old Southern Recipes (Copyright 1947. Published by St. Anne’s Guild of The Parish of Christ Church, Holly Springs, MS).

This little book is a marvelous look into recipes or “receipts” that have been adapted only so that “modern conveniences such as stoves with adjustable controls” can be used.  Sprinkled between illustrations of historic homes in Holly Springs, Mississippi, the recipes in this book—from the simplest pecan pie we’ve ever seen to a potato salad from 1860—are an authentic and charming glimpse into the recipes that define the Old South.

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  1. donna weatherford

    I would like to order a copy of this book!! I am in Olive Branch & am sending my contact info below here
    Donna Weatherford

    July 27, 2013 at 4:28 pm