Talk Football Like a Pro (Or A Southerner)

January 6, 2014 | By | Comments (2)

auburn football fans l Talk Football Like a Pro (Or A Southerner) Once again, collegiate football will pit two Southern teams against each other for the national title when Florida State and Auburn take the field for the BCS championship game in Pasadena, Calif. Meaning today you’ll probably find yourself in a social situation where you’re forced to talk about “the big game.”

Here in the South, football is a language, but we understand not everyone speaks it. So, we’ve prepared this handy guide for those who weren’t reared on the pigskin.  Keep it simple with learning the team mascots—that would be ‘Noles (or Seminoles) for FSU and Tigers (or “War Eagle,” the battle cry) for Auburn—then tuck these phrases away in your back pocket to pull out periodically.

Phrase: “That was a nice run.”

When to use: if the team in possession makes a first down by running the ball past that bright yellow line you see on your TV screen.

Phrase: “Man, they really play down to their opponent’s level.”

When to use: when you hear others in the room proclaiming your team isn’t performing up to snuff.

Phrase: “With the rules today, they could call holding on every play.”

When to use: when the announcers reference holding; means there is a level of holding on every single play but the refs only call it when it is blatant.

Phrase: “The coaching staff sure is pulling out all the stops today.”

When to use: the team makes an unusual play, like a fake punt or an onside kick. Don’t know what either of those are? Just wait to here your peers exclaim things like “whoa!” and “never seen that before!” then try this one out.

Phrase: “What’s the spread in this game?”

When to use: at any point before or during the game; means “who’s favored to win?”

Phrase: “This team certainly has a flair for the dramatic.”

When to use: when you hear others get ramped up with excitement, see the quarterback make a long pass or a dangerous run, watch the team run the clock down before making one final play, or witness a long field goal or other plays out of the ordinary. Basically applies to any situation that has the fans on the edge of their seats.

What are your favorite football phrases? Share with us below. 


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  2. Terri Duffy Puma

    Roll Tide!

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