What Michelle Obama Might Do And Wear For Her Nashville Episode


Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

If you’re a fan of ABC’s Nashville, this past season already put you through the ringer. How much longer can this whole Avery and Juliette thing last? What will happen to Scarlett after her public collapse? Will Rayna’s new record label fall apart?

So much country drama y’all. At this point, we have to hand it to Glen just for holding it together.

Hopefully next week’s episode will answer some of our questions, but we’re most excited for a cameo by our First Lady Michelle Obama. How will she fit into the show’s twists? Will she wear cowboy boots? Will she inspire Deacon to start a community garden? We’ve got some speculations.

Prospective Plot #1: Michelle Goes Country
Upon hearing Avery’s work on Scarlett’s new album, Michelle decides to pull a reverse-Shania and record a country album. What better way to deal with all the emotions of daily life at the White House than pouring them into 12 steel-guitar fueled tracks? We can just see her now up on stage at the Bluebird Cafe doing a private acoustic set with Avery gazing proudly from behind the soundboard and Juliette quietly seething in the audience. Of course she throws in a Dougie dance-breakdown.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 1.59.56 PM


Michelle’s Wardrobe for Prospective Plot #1:

  • Cowboy Boots Living the lyrics to Alan Jackson’s “Gone Country,” the first thing Michelle does upon her arrival to Nashville is pick up a pair of Frye Boots. We want to see her in the Carson Pull On, $378; thefryecompany.com
  • Fringe Vest Fringe is making a comeback and Michelle, the recording artist, is taking full advantage. This khaki suede vest has country music star written all over it. Leather Fringe Vest, $350, neimanmarcus.com
  • Steel Guitar She’s channeling her inner Johnny Cash. The acoustic guitar completes her transformation from first lady to music mogul. Recording King Resonator, $490; steelguitar.net

Prospective Plot #2: Michelle Helps Teddy Run For Governor
It’s been a heckuva season for Nashville mayor and Rayna’s ex, Teddy Conrad. After all the nonsense Brad Paisley’s wife put him through, he’s hoping to make yet another fresh start. Teddy decides to run for governor of Tennessee and seeks campaign advice from the closer herself, Michelle, who busts our her best sweater set and pearls to help him win the vote. She even goes on a state-wide bus tour from Memphis to Knoxville with him, but there might be some heavy sighing over Michelle’s Beyonce-heavy road trip mix tape.

 What Michelle Obama Might Do And Wear For Her Nashville Episode

Michelle’s Wardrobe for Prospective Plot #2:

  • Classic Studs  It wouldn’t be a surprise if these mother-of-pearl hexagon studs already had a home in Michelle’s jewelry box—they were made to be worn by a political lady. Mija Button Earrings, $270, saksfifthavenue.com
  • Embellished Box Jacket This tweed cropped jacket by Rebecca Taylor works for all the first lady’s press conferences. We love the little bit of sparkle too. Embellished Neckline Tweed Jacket, $495, matchesfashion.com
  • Pencil Dress It almost seems that Michelle is Southern designer Lela Rose’s muse. Everything Lela does looks like it was made for Michelle including the Sleeveless Boat-Neck Sheath Dress in Jade, $895, neimanmarcus.com

Prospective Plot #3: Michelle Opens a Farm to Table Restaurant in East Nashville
Approached by a recently retired Rayna (that’s a whole other story) who is now pursuing her passion for all things organic, probiotic, and whole-grain, Michelle teams up with the country music legend to begin phase two of the Let’s Move Campaign: A farm to table restaurant in East Nashville called The Oval Eatery. She’s not only creating the most health-conscious menu this country has seen, but she’s also taking style notes from her new partner, Rayna. Tailored tweed jackets—they just don’t say kale and quinoa—are loosing out to cut-offs and vintage tees. Say hello to a hipster first lady?


Michelle’s Wardrobe for Prospective Plot #3:

  • Southern Foodways Alliance Tee With her new restaurant in Nashville, the SFA has become one Michelle’s newest points of interest. She’s supporting the nonprofit even on her person. SFA Tee in Gray, $56, billyreid.com
  • Suede Booties Hipster or not, these Rag & Bone booties are a must. They are Michelle’s new shoe staple Harrow Booties, $495; shopbop.com
  • Cut-offs A summer staple in East Nashville, Michelle is adopting the trend and becoming a bona fide member of the community. Cutoff Denim Short, $185, farfetch.com

Which one of these plot points would you like to see?


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