The 5 Tools Every Backyard Gardener Needs

May 15, 2014 | By | Comments (1)

SouthernFoodNow_Online Banner Take back your backyard. Whether you’re planting your own mini Monticello or hoping to just get a tomato or two this year, these are the go-to gardening tools that we love right now.

Photo courtesy of Burpee

Photo courtesy of Burpee

Soil Scoop  $19.95 

Spider-Man has his web-shooters, Wonder Woman, her Lasso of Truth. Think of this tool as your own secret weapon in the battle for a better garden. With a curved serrated blade, not only does it prevent you from encasing your potting bench in soil by guiding it into containers more efficiently, but it also cuts up dirt clogs and roots. Use it like a machete to cut open potting soil bags and feel like Indiana Jones for a hot second.

Photo courtesy of Home Depot

Photo courtesy of Home Depot

Easy Gardener Wide-Brimmed Hat $12.97

Southern women are famous for their well-kept complexions (thanks humidity!), and a stylish sunhat makes sure UVA/UVB rays don’t spoil them. While we love Ouiser’s gardening getup in Steel Magnolias, straw and flowers aren’t exactly practical. Try this hat made with fabric that acts like sunscreen.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Stacking Tomato Ladders $49.95 for set of 6  

These ladders that are specially designed to support the weight of tomato vines are your path to tomato-sandwich nirvana. Nothing ties white bread and mayo together quite like a homegrown ‘Big Boy.’ 21BUtn3CDIL Dramm Rain Wand $29.24

With a nozzle designed to provide a gentle aerated shower, this watering wand will save you from over- and under-watering. Your plants will appreciate it.

Photo courtesy of Joyce Chen

Photo courtesy of Joyce Chen

Joyce Chen The Original Unlimited Scissors $28.95 

Our one-pot herb garden how-to in our June issue is the perfect excuse to pick up a pair of these expert herb snippers.

What’s your go-to garden tool? Tag your posts, tweets, and Instagrams with #SouthernFoodNow. You might just be featured on The Daily South.


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