5 Reasons to Brake for Roadside Stands

June 9, 2014 | By | Comments (4)

e9ca54d27ba3b665#7804_7194No region has mastered the roadside stand like ours. From boiled peanuts to sun-ripened peaches to made-to-order po’boys, our highways and byways boast an astonishing variety of just-picked, hand-canned, fresh-caught, hot-fried foods. And only in the South do these tasty treats come with a hearty dose of hospitality.

5 Reasons to Brake for a Roadside Stand

1)  The food is way, way tastier than commercial fast food chains, and you can bet most of the ingredients will be fresh, preservative-free, and locally sourced.

2)  You’ll likely encounter a legend—human or otherwise. We’re talking about legends like Gladys Knight (she might be at her Chicken and Waffles stop in Lithonia, Georgia), the country’s greatest apple turnover (at Ken’s Grill on U.S. 70 West in North Carolina), and the giant chicken riding in a red El Camino (parked at Cookin’ from Scratch on Route 66 in Dolittle, Mississippi).

3) It’s always about the story, and five minutes at a roadside stand is guaranteed to generate a good one.

4)  You’re supporting the little guy. Most roadside stands are family-run, labor-of-love operations.

5) We all move too fast, too frequently. Slowing down and stretching our legs at a roadside stand reminds us that life isn’t about where you end up, but what you did along the way.

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    June 19, 2014 at 6:01 pm
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