Add Charm to Your Wedding Reception with Easy-To-Make Escort Cards

July 8, 2014 | By | Comments (1)
Photo By Squire Fox

Photo By Squire Fox

Lend a personal touch to your big event with a charming DIY Idea from Savannah-based wedding designer Elizabeth Demos. Stay tuned to The Daily South to catch more of her pretty make-ahead wedding projects.

The Project: Pennant Escort Cards
Level: Easy!
Timeline: 3 weeks before the wedding, once you’ve received the majority of RSVPs

Direct guests to their dinner seats with these delightful escort cards.

1. Make the pennant cards. Using a basic computer program like Microsoft Word, create a template. (We used 4- x 2-inch size.) Enter each guest’s name and table number. You can fit several on one sheet. Remember to space each one out to allow for cutting room. You may have to adjust the fonts or widen the template for longer names. This will add to the casual look. Also, make a pennant for each letter of the alphabet to keep the cards organized alphabetically. Print the names onto textured scrapbook paper that resembles fabric, and cut out each pennant flag.

2. Create the ribbon pennants. Divide ribbons into 4-inch-long strips, and cut a V shape out of the bottom to create the pennant tail.

3. Assemble the string of pennants. Before hanging your cards, lay them out on a table, mixing the ribbon pennants randomly between the name cards. Once you are satisfied with your arrangement, place a strip of glue on the uppermost portion on the backside of the pennants. Secure them to the twine by bending them ¼ inch over the twine.

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