Perfect Books for Dad This Father’s Day

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fathers day 2 Perfect Books for Dad This Fathers Day

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Whether Dad likes to spend his time in the kitchen, in the garden, or on the road, we have the perfect book to suit his personality.

“Low-and-slow may be the traditional barbecue mode, but Southerners love to grill hot and fast, too, and this book provides an array of ideas for grilling beef, chops, fish, and chicken.” – Ultimate Book for BBQ: The Complete Year-Roud Guide to Grilling & Smoking, $16;

2. “My tastes are simple. I judge restaurants as a stool that stands on three legs: food, service, and ambiance. To make these pages, a restaurant must be excellent in all three, and be Southern and family-owned as well.”  Off the Eaten Path: On the Road Again, $16;

“More than 150 delicious recipes that any Southern gentleman will be proud to cook, serve, and eat.” A Southern Gentleman’s Kitchen, $22;

“The newly revised book is even bigger and better. It represents how Southern gardening has evolved in both big ways and small over the past 10 years.” -The New Southern Living Garden Book, $24;

5. “You shouldn’t settle for subpar meals in the name of better health. Actually, you don’t have to. Good-for-you food can taste amazing. That’s where this book comes in.” –Mad Delicious: The Science of Making Healthy Food Taste Amazing, $27;

6. “Life is short so take a moment to enjoy it. Splurge on a fine bourbon. Whip up some of these decadent recipes. Entertain friends and those you love in the grand Southern tradition of it’s not done till it’s overdone.”- Bourbon & Bacon: Essential Recipes for Life in the South, $17;

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