Writer’s Room Reveal and Exclusive Song Debut From Ashley Monroe

June 22, 2015 | By | Comments (0)

Photos courtesy of Wayfair

“When I feel comfortable in the room I’m writing in, it definitely affects me,” said country singer and songwriter Ashley Monroe. “If a room feels more like an office or too much like a home it can affect the creativity. I love the idea of a creative space with a mix of the two.”

Wayfair teamed up with designer Brad Ramsey to create the perfect retreat for Monroe, who wrote 12 of the 13 songs on her upcoming album. Her style, and Ramsey’s design experience, were brought together to create a quiet escape in Nashville. The simple furniture, and attention to detail, give the room its own, individual personality that can inspire the inner songwriter in us all.

wayfair Writers Room Reveal and Exclusive Song Debut From Ashley Monroe

Here are a few accessories that can help recreate this look in your own home:

1. Zuo Era Elliot Coffee Table, $354
2. Woodland Imports Historic Antique Key 3 Piece Wall Décor, $46
3. Legends Never Die Johnny Cash and June Carter Framed Memorabilia, $39
4. Americanflat Love Heart Wire Polygon Polyester Throw Pillow, $35
5. iCanvas Modern Sheet Music Ode to Joy Textual Art on Canvas, $33
6. Woodland Imports 3 Piece Hawaiian Artistic Styled Ceramic Vase Set, $33


Shop the entire look from Wayfair here.

You can also check out a full interview with Monroe, as well as exclusive look at her new song Bombshell, before it is released elsewhere.



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