Here’s Where You Should Be Applying Concealer

August 19, 2015 | By | Comments (1)

With these tips, you might not even need foundation…

Courtesy of Instyle

Courtesy of Instyle

Sure, we all know to apply cover-up on our undereye circles and blemishes but to master a truly flawless complexion, there are some spots you may want to consider revisiting. A few quick swipes of concealer (we love Kevyn Aucoin’s highly pigmented formula that disguises anything, $47; in these areas helps brighten and even without adding on a ton more time or extra products—and you may find yourself not even needing foundation.

Above the Brows
Blending in a few dots of concealer above and below your brows really helps define their shape, making them pop. If you have a concealer that’s about two or three shades lighter than your skin, try putting a bit under arches as a highlight.

By the Nostrils
Broken capillaries are common in this area and tend to cause redness; using a smidge of creamy concealer in a c-shaped swipe near the nostrils helps tone down discoloration.

Around the Mouth
Use a brush to carefully outline your mouth with concealer. Whether you choose to wear lipstick or go au naturel, the base will instantly highlight your pout, and even make it look bigger.

This article originally appeared on instyle.com3 Surprising Spots to Apply Concealer; Sheryl George


  1. Kimberly Horay

    Wish a could get a sample before I buy

    August 20, 2015 at 11:45 am

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