Top 5 Things You Need From The Dollar Store

September 23, 2015 | By | Comments (0)

Do you remember the first time you entered the dollar store? We remember how it felt– both magical and terrifying at the same time. Initially, you almost hollered, “One of everything, stat!” but then you stopped yourself mid-sentence when you realized that you really didn’t need a home full of random trinkets. Nevertheless, the dollar store has its place in the world and surprisingly enough, sells an abundance of useful items that can help you design your home.

Here are our top 5 favorites:

1. Multi-toned river pebbles


via Pinterest

These pebbles can be utilized in a multitude of ways. Decorate a hurricane glass with a fill of river pebbles surrounding a tall, cylindrical candle or layer river pebbles atop soil in a potted plant.

2. Summer placemats for the patio

mats1 Top 5 Things You Need From The Dollar Store

To us, summer means late afternoons spent on the porch with family and friends. But even more importantly, we think of saucy BBQ and sticky, juicy watermelon. This could mean a whole lot of domestic goddess cleaning afterwards, or it could simply mean it’s time to upgrade your placemats. These bright, colorful placemats add excitement to your table, and keep the mess to a minimum.

3. Mason jar glasses 

jar1 Top 5 Things You Need From The Dollar Store

via Pinterest

Repurposed Mason jars not only look eco-chic, but they make for affordable, durable glassware. Use them to serve iced tea or beautifully styled cocktails. Either way, these jars make a seamless transition from dining room to poolside.

4. Multi-colored chalk for outdoor decoration

chalk2 Top 5 Things You Need From The Dollar Store

Have you seen some of the amazing sidewalk art that has been created with chalk?! Oh, it’s out there, and it’s mind-blowing. Draw a beautiful design in your back or front yard to give your space a colorful seasonal art piece. Lacking artistic skills? Enlist a talented friend!

5. Small stoneware pots for indoor plants

plants Top 5 Things You Need From The Dollar Store

via Pinterest

During the warm summer months, consider bringing smaller potted plants into your home where they can be sheltered from the harsh sun. These pots are perfect for succulents, orchids, or seasonal herbs! Not only will you be bringing some life into your home, but you can now check gardening off your summer bucket list without ever having to bare the heat!

With this guide, there is no need to loathe or fear the dollar store. These great finds will cost you next to nothing, allowing you to spend more of your budget on other statement pieces like furniture or wall art.

Xoxo, Laurel & Wolf


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