5 Best Southern Beers for Oktoberfest

October 16, 2015 | By | Comments (0)


Clawhammer Oktoberfest
Highland Brewing Company
Asheville, North Carolina

Named after Clawhammer Mountain in the Appalachians, this copper-colored brew from Asheville, North Carolina, (a.k.a. Beer City, USA) tastes like toasted whole wheat bread but still has a slightly spicy hoppy finish. It was made for weekend bonfires.


Westbrook Brewing Company
Charleston, South Carolina

Like liquid pumpernickel without the expected heaviness, this lighter, clean-tasting Oktoberfest beer is maltier than it is bitter with an almost cider-like fruitiness that makes it a crowd-pleaser.


Shiner Beer
Shiner, Texas

If you don’t have time to make the trip to your town’s craft beer shop, this award-winning easy-drinker pops up in both cans and bottles at Publix, Kroger, and other grocery stores.


Oktoberfest Lager
Thomas Creek Brewery
Greenville, South Carolina

With a heavy dose of caramel-tasting malt, this bottle’s nutty sweetness is balanced out with noble hops that add an herbal, grassy element akin to rosemary—think spiced nut mix.


Legend Brewing Company
Richmond, Virginia

Although you can buy this sweeter Oktoberfest beer in bottles for your get-together, Legend Brewing Company has its own festival that pairs its seasonal brews like this one with stews, sausages, and other smoked meats. Check the brewery’s website for this year’s dates.

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