Entertaining at Every Age: Your 50s

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We are wrapping up our entertaining at every age series with Lisa Thomas, the pioneer behind the creative genius businesses Out of Hand, Out of the Garden, Ooh! Events and Ooh! Beautiful – all tailored to creating a beautiful life! Take some advice as we head into peak holiday party season.

67 Entertaining at Every Age: Your 50s

Lisa Thomas heads Out of Hand boutique, Out of the Garden, and event planning company Ooh! Events.

My secret to hosting a good gathering: a bottle of red wine!

When heat and humidity give way to cooler air in the Lowcountry, it’s time to return to red wine! Since we all work so hard in our careers, I like to spoil my friends when I entertain. I gravitate to more intimate gatherings – ones with opportunities to catch up and get lost in good conversation.

The drinks: Typically, everyone’s wine preferences vary, so I tell guests to bring a favorite bottle. We take turns talking about each person’s pick, and then of course, we sample them with each dish during dinner.

224 Entertaining at Every Age: Your 50s

The décor: My dining room is painted a cool lavender. The chandelier is actually an inverted flower pot, so I adorn it with a touch of greenery. For the centerpiece, I display large wreaths with organic greens and burgundies that frame our bottles of wine. Each seat is marked with a place card made by a sliver of quartz, which can also be used as a coaster for the wine.

64 Entertaining at Every Age: Your 50s

The menu: One of my go-to menus starts with a hydro bib lettuce salad with cherries and pecans, a dusting of chocolate, and feta cheese. For the main course, you can never go wrong with a hearty filet flavored with a salt and dark chocolate rub, accompanied by asparagus and potatoes. To finish the night, I love a good chocolate mousse for dessert.  Nothing beats chocolate, red wine, and good friends!

56 Entertaining at Every Age: Your 50s


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