The 8 Times a Myrtle Beach Menu was All of Us

August 16, 2016 | By | Comments (2)

The summer is coming to an unofficial close soon, which means the fall season is upon us. In Myrtle Beach, we’re rejoicing because us locals know September and October only as “the greatest time of year.” The weather is still beautiful, ocean waters are warm, the beaches are lovely, and, for our visitors, accommodations are even more affordable.


Fall also has us dreaming of the warmth, familiarity and deliciousness of comfort food, which is served up and down our 60 miles of coastline right along with our Southern hospitality. Here are some of the Myrtle Beach area’s very best comfort dishes, pulled from our list of the 60 Best Bites from the area:

  1. Deep-fried Deviled Eggs: Deviled eggs will always have a place at the table, as far as we’re concerned. But then Frank’s went ahead and deep-fried them and topped it off with jalapeno and bacon.
  2. Crab Cake Benedict: Fresh seafood is synonymous with Myrtle Beach, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see it crop up on breakfast menus. Johnny D’s does it right, serving up a grilled crab cake on an English muffin, Benedict style. And if seafood for breakfast isn’t your thing, Johnny D’s is actually best known for its delicious pancakes and waffles. Take your pick.Johnny D
  3. Chicken Wing Cupcake: Yes, it’s a cupcake with a chicken wing and blue cheese frosting. Thank you, Coccadotts.
  4. Bar-B-Que dinner with fritters: A tiny little shack in the small town of Aynor, Gore’s Bar-B-Que & Country Chicken is known for its incredible barbeque taste and amazing secret sauce. Come hungry.
  5. Deluxel Burger: This is not just any burger. This one is topped with bacon jam, Nueske’s bacon, an over-easy egg, tomato and mayo. Bonus: you can walk off dinner after. The restaurant, bisQit is set within the charming Hammock Shops on Pawleys Island.
  6. Blue Crab Fondue: Blue crab is local to the Myrtle Beach area and celebrated each year at the Blue Crab Festival in Little River, South Carolina, on the northern tip of the Grand Strand. At Hot Fish Club, the shellfish is cooked into a warm fondue and served with hot pita chips with a side of water views.Hot Fish Club.JPG
  7. The Bruiser: As if a foot-long hotdog wasn’t enough to pique your interest, this one is beer-battered and wrapped in bacon. Yep.
  8. Hummingbird Cake: Maybe you haven’t heard of Hummingbird Cake, but it’s well known in the Grand Strand. The dish – a cake made with bananas, pineapples and pecans with a touch of cinnamon Italian buttercream icing – is never better than during “high tea” at historic Hopsewee Plantation in Georgetown.


To see more of the Myrtle Beach area’s “best bites” and to download recipes, go to


  1. Keith Pierce

    Thanks, Heidi! Hopsewee is absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth a long stop! Thank you for sharing!

    September 23, 2016 at 8:21 am
  2. Heidi Biggs

    The Hummingbird cake isn’t all that’s good at Hopsewee Plantation. We live on the west coast but visit South Carolina every year and ALWAYS go to Hopsewee Plantation. Rich in American history (it was built by Thomas Lynch, signor of the Declaration of Independence), the ambiance and food at Hopsewee is terrific. The high tea if fantastic, the Lowcountry Sampler is amazing, and the shrimp and grits is the best I’ve ever tasted. Take a sea grass basket making class and tour the grounds. It will be the high light of your trip!

    August 26, 2016 at 11:48 pm

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