Music Premiere: Live Tracks from Marc Broussard’s Save Our Soul II

November 10, 2016 | By | Comments (0)

Marc Broussard

Louisiana-born Marc Broussard has a strong, soulful voice that sets him apart from the crowd. Singing covers of ’50’s and ’60’s hits from the likes of Aretha Franklin, Same Cooke, and Otis Redding, Broussard is using his Bayou sound to breathe life back into these classics and to support the causes close to his heart. We’re so excited to premiere two songs off of his new charity album Save Our Soul II, in which fifty percent of the proceeds will go to the Atlanta-based charity City of Refuge. We caught up with the soul singer to talk about his upbringing, his music, and how he bridges the two to give back to the community.

“Fool For Your Love”

How is your music influenced by Southern culture?
MB: Being so steeped in Cajun culture growing up here in Acadiana has given me an edge when writing about the South. I have lived a thoroughly Southern life while at the same time I’ve travelled extensively. The travel has crystallized what I love about home and I think that it shows through in my music quite naturally.

What inspired you to revive this kind of sound? 
MB: Just listen to the songs! Those tunes were hits for a reason! You don’t need much of a push when deciding whether or not to record great songs.

What was it like growing up in Louisiana? How did that influence your music?
MB: My father and mother are fantastic parents. They raised me and my brothers with all the qualities expected of young Southern men, like respect for our elders, opening doors and such. We road our bicycles everywhere. We spent every weekend on the water fishing and skiing. In lots of ways, I probably had a very run of the mill, middle-class upbringing. However, I hit the geographical jackpot being born in South Louisiana. With a culture as rich as ours is, I couldn’t help but be influenced by the sights and sounds of Acadiana.

Why did you pick City of Refuge as your charity?
MB: I picked COR because they are doing some of the most comprehensive work to radically change the trajectory of entire populations and the numbers back up the rhetoric. City Of Refuge as a stand alone program is boasting 90%+ success rates with getting people permanently off the streets, not to mention all of the other programs available within the broader mission. I don’t know of another organization like it and I hope that we can help them achieve their goals, even if just a little.

“Twistin’ The Night Away”

Check out Marc’s upcoming Southern tour dates:
November 17 in Austin, TX
November 18 in San Antonio, TX
November 19 in Dallas, TX
November 20 in The Woodlands, TX
November 26 in Charlotte, NC
December 23 in New Orleans, LA
January 24 in Annapolis, MD
January 26 in Wilmington, DE
January 27 in Richmond, VA
January 28 in Rocky Mount, VA


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