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Pick the Perfect Christmas Tree

It’s that special time of year again when otherwise decent, compassionate people deliberately kill a tree to make their children happy. Here’s a very entertaining and informative video by Grumpy himself to help you pick the very best killed tree for your darling kids.

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Editor’s Favorite: Mail-Order Christmas Greenery

It’s Christmas nearly 365 days a year around here. Under these working circumstances, it’s perfectly normal for us to be ordering Christmas trees in July, having our stylists whip up yards of garland in, oh-say March. Decorating an entire house for Christmas in the midst of the August heat in Montgomery, AL? No big deal for us because we have the […]

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Beautiful Blue Spruce

Dear Santa, I have been an extra good boy this year. I did everything my wife told me to without sassing. I ate that turnip thing she made. I picked up my dirty undies and sealed them inside the toxic waste bin. I did not microwave our cat. So could you please send me something for my garden that I […]

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