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Decorating Lesson: We’re Mad for Plaid!

Full disclosure: Growing up, I wore a plaid uniform to school everyday for 12 years. So, there’s something about plaid that always gets my attention. It’s also a quick and chic way to enrich any space. It does for rooms what horn-rimmed glasses do for people — adds the smart factor.

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Designer to Know: Sara Tuttle

We’re putting our bets on Sara Tuttle. She’s a young Washington, DC designer who is reinterpreting classic Southern style for a whole new generation. Picture inviting rooms decorated with bright colors, clean lines, fresh artwork, and a few antiques for good measure.

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Preserving Magnolia Leaves for the Holidays

Greetings, Thanksgiving survivors! Now that you’re wondering what to do with all of that left-over squirrel, I know you’ll appreciate some helpful holiday decorating tips that will effectively obliterate any free time you have between now and Christmas! Debbie asks: “We are getting ready to trim some limbs from a scraggly magnolia.  I would love to preserve the leaves for […]

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