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Plant These New Pansies Now!

  It was heaven yesterday in Grumpy’s garden. Sunny, mid-70’s, not a hint of humidity. The perfect day for being out in the garden. And the perfect day for planting pansies.

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You Ask, I Answer — Grumpy’s Timely Garden Tips

Wherein The Grump Responds to All Sorts of Gardening Questions with His Customary Wit & Wisdom Replies Guaranteed 100% Correct or Your Money Back It is a happy day in Grumpiana, for once again the Grand Poobah of the EIG (Excellence in Gardening) Network deigns to fill the skulls of the huddled masses with much-needed learning and knowledge. Surely you will recall its […]

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Plant These Great New Pansies Now!

  Last spring, Grumpy was privileged to attend the Ball Horticultural Company’s fields trials in California. In addition to reconnecting with my acid-rock roots, I also got to preview some of the premier new plant introductions for 2010. One of them impressed me so much that I profiled it in my story, “Cheerful Advice from our Grumpy Gardener,” in the September […]

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